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The Greatest Wish

This guy's greatest wish turns into an interesting peek in how television actually works. Cool stuff! [embed][/embed]

Is Living As A Tall Person Really That Much Fun?

If you're not tall, you'll never find out what it's like up there. These short friends decided to take matters…

Boomer The Skating Cat

Did you know cats have hobbies just like we do? Skating is a cat's favorite! [embed][/embed]

Get Back To The Porch!!1

When you're not totally awake yet and just sleepily walk down onto the street, and then it happens... Wait for…

Pets Rocking Their Dad Bods

These animals don't care about their dad bods, and why would they? [embed][/embed]

Next Level Dog Racing

Leave it to the dogs to race like there's no tomorrow, whether there's a little boy coming along or not.

Not Every Double Chin Is The Same

Do you have a double chin? And is it similar to one of the double chins in this WTF-video? [embed][/embed]

Working For UPS Has Its Perks

This man loves dogs and loves his work, so why not combine both? [embed][/embed]

Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg

You know you've already wanted this. Watch magnificent Planet Earth footage with a Snoop Dogg voice over. Crazy! [embed][/embed]

That’s How To Listen To Metallica

You're as old as you feel, and this man feels better than ever listening to his favorite music. [embed][/embed]

Maybe You Should Say One Of These Things To Your Mom Sometime

As a mom, you know your children through and through, you might even be able to predict what they're going…

Tiger Cubs Swimming For The First Time

Is there anything tigers can't do? They climb, they run... and they swim. These cubs swim for the very first…


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