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Casually Explained: Video Games

Video games are those thingies where you play with that thingy. Understood? [embed][/embed]

Daughter Scares Dad During Video Game

Sometimes video games are more intense than your own children. [embed][/embed]

Cyanide & Happiness Shorts: Pool Party

Just an ordinary Cyanide & Happiness party. With already over 1.4 million guests. Sweet! "Hey man, cool party!"

Nintendo Switch Console Taken Apart

It seems as if Nintendo just got another hit (after the Wii U didn't quite perform... at all). The "Nintendo…

Dude Perfect Have A Virtual Reality Battle

It is like the guys from Dude Perfect have an ongoing video battle. This one is one of the favorites…

Hilarious Singing Partner Of A Player Stuck in VR

Natalie Tran aka communitychannel had some fun lip syncing around her VR playing boyfriend. This sillyness got her over 1.2…

6 Sh*t Endings In Great Video Games

Not every great video game comes with a great ending. The guys from AlltimeGaming speak about their biggest disappointments in…

Playing Portal In Augmented Reality With HoloLens

Cool adaptation by KennyWdev who got over 400,000 views - and probably people who wish for a version like this…

Super Bowl 51 Highlights In 8-Bit Retro Gaming Style

Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots played on the old "Tecmo Bowl" game by irishkidd84. via: itsrap

101 Facts About Grand Theft Auto V

This time 101facts tell us all there is (and not is) to know about Rockstar's favorite game (at least, until…

Conan Plays ‘For Honor’ With Tom Brady And Dwight Freeney

In the newest edition of "Clueless Gamer" Team Coco uploaded this "Super Bowl Edition". This probably will get lots of…

videogamedunkey Destroys A Gaming Toothbrush

A toothbrush you are able to play games with? Sounds kind of stupid. Stupid enough for sarcastic YouTuber videogamedunkey to…


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