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20 Car Snow Pile Up In Blizzard

People don't realize that when it snows you have to DRIVE SLOW. A bunch of cars crash due to the


Spinning A Camera On Sword End

These expert swordsmen got the crazy idea to duck-tape their camera to the tip of the sword and do some


Obama Kicks Door After Press Conference – FAKE

AS A JOKE, The Tonight Show DIGITALLY ALTERED President Obama leaving a press conference. I’ll admit, it looks so good,


Baby Ducks Blown By Wind

A cute family of ducks are blown off their feet by heavy winds. It's so sad and cute at the


French Bulldog Plays With Spring Door Stop

Spring doorstops are fun to play with for kids, so why not for dogs? But this french bulldog is almost


Old Man Spelling Lesson With Flip Flash Cards

The English language is one of the most difficult to learn, because it has such strange rules and inconsistencies. Grandpa


Pigeon Crosses Road And Takes Subway

Pigeons have learned and adapted to their environment. A security traffic camera in Turkey caught a pigeon walking across the


Billy Madison Inception Trailer

A genius recut of Billy Madison with the infamous Inception music. The movie goes from a funny, laid back joke,


Most Epic Breakfast Ever

Hungry for breakfast? How about some bacon, ham and steak beer battered and friend, cream cheese sausage pancake something crazy,


Jimmy Fallon As Neil Young Performs Fresh Prince Theme Song

One thing Jimmy Fallon is great at is impressions. He's got Neil Young down pat, and has done performances as


Coin Balance On Hanger Trick

First he balances a quarter on a hanger. Ok, impressive. But then he starts to twirl it fast and stops


People Blind Folded Can’t Walk In Straight Line

Multiple experiments have been done showing that humans can't go straight when blind folded or in the fog. If we