5. Connie Talbot, a young girl who sings ‘Some Where Over The Rainbow’ for Britain’s Got Talent. Yes I know it’s not really opera, but it makes the cut. Amanda basically starts crying, and while Connie is singing, you can hear a pin drop from the silence of the audience.


4. Carlos Aponte sings on America’s Got Talent 2010. He did not explode like the others, but he still gave America goosebumps.

3. Jackie Evancho is just 10 years old, but shocks the crowd when she sings with the maturity and grace of an experience professional singer.

2. Of course Susan Boyle is on the list as the ugly duckling who wowed even Simon Cowell in 2009. Of course no one gives a hoot about her now, but that’s to be expected. She is still one of the most viewed videos on the Internet today. This is not the actual video that shocked the world, as I can’t find one that allows video embedding. Here’s her second rendition of ‘I dreamed the dream’.

1. Paul Potts has become one of the fore fathers for shocking the world at talent shows. He was one of the first to go viral like fire, spreading around the world, and giving hope to all over weight, depressed, insurance sales men. I don’t know what kind of hope he brings to fat, losers around the world like myself, but that’s that, I suppose.