1. Channels. Viral videos rarely come from the big Youtubers. You know people like Sxephil, WhatTheBuck, Ray William Johnson, Shay Carl…, the list goes on and on. Their videos get hundreds of thousands, or even +millions of hits. But it’s not viral.

So first check how many subscribers the video poster has. If they have a substantial fan base, odds are, their fans will watch it and it will die with that. Some times they will post a video with a sexy thumb nail or ridiculous title that will up their views up. But in general viral videos never comes from the big people.

2. Video Library. If you see a channel has only one or two videos, and doesn’t really make videos regularly, there’s a better chance it can be viral.

3. Music videos. If they are made professionally they can get millions of hits in just days. But again, it’s not what most people would consider viral. On the other hand, if it’s a single post of a spoof of a popular song or video, there’s a great chance it can go viral.

4. Niches. You may find a video that seems to be exploding, but if it’s too specific of a niche, it’s not good viral video material. A good example of this are the video game channels. MW2, COD, SC2 have huge fans bases and channels devoted to them. They get hits, but are not viral. Steer clear. What could be viral is a single video posting of a funny occurrence in a game that is general enough for even non nerd video game fans to understand. Classic example of this is Leroy Jenkins.

5. Video Length. I can think of just a hand full of viral videos that go over 5 minutes. That is the general time limit. If a video is over 5 minutes, keep looking. Actually, the shorter, the better. People want to find, and watch the newest, crappy, waste of time,  viral video for a minute or two and go back to work , having sex, eating dinner, or whatever they were doing before they needed they technology fix.

End part 1.