This is so dumb, but it is going viral on Facebook. I don’t understand why people would ‘like’ this, but I guess it could be all the mercury in the tuna.

There are different versions of this fan page. One going around now makes you fill out a survey, sends you to a fake Facebook page, and offers you nothing once your done.

Another is a short video a kid a school being arrested in the cafeteria. We have no idea what he did or what happened before or after. The video description says: ‘what he did was throw his lunch tray at a pop machine 4 times, kicked a garbage can at a Mexican kid’.  Lame and boring.


Here is another post of what the Facebook fan page is. This makes more sense. A fire at a school, apparently by the kid who was expelled.


Here’s another version of the Facebook fan page ”OMG Look What this Kid did to His School After Getting Expelled!’. It’s an old video of a news report of a kid who brought a gun to school.