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Dog Thinks Removed Glass Door Is Still There

Even though the glass door is missing, the dog has been to conditioned to go through it. He even pokes…

BendDesk Curved Touch Screen

The BendDesk mixes a horizontal and vertical muti touch screen. Where the screen and keyboard would be is one combined…

Burning Steel Wool Science Experiment Explained

Most people don't think of iron as something that burns easy. But when in small strands like steel wool it…

Baby Eats Grandma’s Face

When this little baby gets hungry, he wants food now! He'll even try to chomp on grandma's face. Nom nom…

Cat Copies Girl’s Hand

Cute kitty likes to play Simon Says and imitate this girl's hand movements.

Otter Attacks Boy

While a teenager was waiting in the backyard for his mom he spotted an otter. He decided to record it…


After Fox attacked NPR over firing Juan Williams, these two fans show their support by making this rap.

Taiwan Cartoon News Makes Reports And Makes Fun Of Sarah Palin

The Internet famous Taiwan animated news gives the full scoop on Sarah Palin and her family. They discuss Willow's Facebook…

Sci Fi Fantasy World – Batelco Commercial

The Arabic telcom giant Batelco makes a futuristic city commercial that has roller coaster trains, space ships, and real sand…

Statistics Of 200 Countries In 200 Years

Hans Rosling takes us on a journey of 200 years of the health and wealth of 200 countries in the…

Playing Classic Nintendo Mario Games With Kinect On PC

After some hacking, this super nerd is able to play the classic Super Mario Bros 1, 2, and 3 with…

First Person RC Airplane Recordings Of South America

Dude hooks up a camera to his remote control plane. Sit back and relax. The views are breath taking.



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