When I first saw this commercial, I didn’t think for a second there was anything gay about it at all. A US soldiers calls his buddy telling him he’s coming home from war. His buddy sets up a party while the soldier travels home. When he get there, he hugs his friend and the obligatory Budweiser drinking begins.

Sites like Afterelton and HuffingtonPost seem to see a gay theme going on. The government just repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the soldier is calling, and hugging his male friend. See the gayness? I don’t. I literally thought they were brothers. What do you think?

PS What I really care about is if the soldier is 20 years old, he can’t even drink. It’s time for America to finally see, if you marry, vote, own weapons, smoke, and die for your country, you can drink a dang beer. Come on people.