Ever hear the term ‘unclaimed baggage’? Really ‘unclaimed  baggage’ is just code for ‘lost’. No one packs their belongings, spend extra money to bring it on a flight, and then just forgets to claim it at the carousel. The airline lost it plain and simple. Ever wonder what happens to luggage that is ‘unclaimed’? Well a traveler at Christchurch airport in New Zealand found out. They just throw it away. At least give it to the Salvation Army or something.




The Christchurch International Airport’s YouTube channel has already replied to the video with this comment:

“Hi All I’d hate to say it but this may be an EPIC FAIL. To clarify this isn’t your unclaimed baggage being destroyed. This was luggage that was used to test our integrated terminal baggage system. Approximately 700 bags were donated from around New Zealand, after our new terminal had opened and we no longer needed to test the baggage system the bags were destroyed.”

I can’t believe they just said ‘EPIC FAIL.’