A gunfight erupts outside of a kindergarten class in Mexico. The amazing brave teacher tells the kids to get on the floor. She keeps them calm by acting as nothing is really happening, and actually sings a song with the class.



Here is a translation of the video from Tillhony: “Yes my love, everyone on the floor. Mandy, no, nothings happening just put your little heads down. Precious put your little heads on the floor, nothing is happening, just don’t put your heads up please!………..Lets to sing a song? class says yes, Lets sing…..I know which! ♩♩♩The rain drops are made of chocolate, I would love to be there, who wants chocolate!!!??? Opening our mouths to taste the flavor♩♩♩ Put your heads down yes? Now put your heads on the floor and lets open our mouths ♩AA AA AAA AA A AA♩ Are you guys opening your mouths? You have your little mouths open facing up? So the rain drops can fall into your mouths! Miguel you havent opened up your mouth?”