Using animals in for scientific testing has been a controversial issue for years. It’s easy to look down on animals as simply not human, so they don’t deserve to be treated in a humane way. But after watching this clip of lab imprisoned chimps being let outside for the first time, you can see how similar we truly are to our ape cousins as they literally cheer, dance, and hug in celebration. The video is featured on HuffingtonPost.


Rough translation of the German from a YouTuber:

For the first time in their lives, the chimps see the sun. They lived in a lab for decades and this is the first moment they get to walk outside. “They hugged as if saying ‘we’re finally free’.. and after such a long time, it’s as if they’re saying ‘I can’t believe it!’ to their friends.” At 1:30 the man talks about how he saw a chimp looking at a butterfly and remembering it from her childhood.