As the Occupy protests spread across the globe, the genesis of the protests continues in New York City. But as it grows, so does the New York Police Department’s actions to discredit and weaken the movement. As a large group of NYPD  officers dressed in full military SWAT gear prepare for more action, U.S. Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas gives them a piece of his mind.

He chastises the officers saying that this is not war, so why are they acting, and dressing like they are at war. The protesters are their fellow New Yorkers and Americans. “You can laugh all you want but it takes a coward to harm unarmed civilians,” he finishes with as protesters applaud and cheer his message. Read more on Demotix.  




Another incident where Shamar Thomas screams at the cops. You can see how they all stand in fear of the man and feel embarrassed. He keeps screaming that there are no bullets flying here and there is no honor beating unarmed civilians.