There are countless online videos of dog owners reuniting with their canines, and it’s always an emotional scene. The people cry, and the dogs jump up and down, wag their tails, and bark in excitement. You can tell the dog is happy to be back with their human friend. But cats are a different story. 

Jared is ten years old, and has had his cat, Clyde, for his entire life. When Clyde went missing for almost two weeks, and Jared was crushed. But A nice samaritan found the Clyde and brought him home. After school, mom surprised Jared with their newly found kitty, and Jared breaks down in tears of joy. Clyde The Kitty, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to give a hoot that Jared is back in his life, and kind of even looks away. He literally just sits in place as Jared cries. 

The video was posted in 2010, but just went viral now and is featured on SayOMG and .