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Am I the only one

Cartoon Vs Reality

Amazing phone book art

Eggshell Arts

The Judgement day

RickRolled MEME

Angry Birds Gingerbread House Time Lapse

It seems the Internet's appetite for the best selling video game app Angry Birds can never be satiated. Continuing with…

Flying Stingrays

The BBC has gone viral after posting a clip from their new nature special-Earthflight. The video features a school of very special…

Religious Kids Sing Cover Of Pop Songs With Christian Twist

Religious covers of popular songs isn't anything new, but these two singing kids have really become popular online recently, and…

Zoo Gives Orangutans iPads

The Milwaukee County Zoo conducted an experiment where they introduced iPads to some of the great apes they have with…

Chimp Is Confused By Magic

This video of Japanese television was posted online in 2009, but only now became a viral sensation with over 100,00…

Dad Makes Emotional Silent Video Trying To Find His Lost Daughter

With the power of the Internet people are more connected than ever in world history. One great benefit is being…


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