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DVD Style Commentary Of Classic Home Video

The great part about DVDs is that you get more than just a movie. You also get extras, bloopers, and


Brave Zookeeper Gives Lion Pedicure

Jamu the lion lives in South Africa's Lion Park where he is truly treated as the king he is. Alex


Adorable Three Year Old Sings And Dances LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It

Marek started singing when he was only two years old, and now that he's three he's really letting his talent


Teens React to Rick Perry’s Strong Ad

Rafi and Benny Fine are back with their Teens React series. This time they showed the group of teens Rick


Nerd Hacks Atari To Make Epic Atari Guitar

Chiptune enthusiast cTrix took an old Atari 2600 with its very limited music sound board, and after creating software to convert the data


Explaining The Mimic Octopus

This video covering the Mimic Octopus from 2010 has been gaining in popularity since October. Mark Norman explains the strange


Korean Teen Sings Adele Rolling In The Deep On Got Talent Show

K-Pop Star is South Korea's version of American Idol or The X Factor. This fifteen year old girl is quickly


TV News Bloopers 2011 Wrap Up Compilation

A viral video favorite that has been around even longer than the Internet is the TV news blooper. There's just


Twin Polar Bear Cubs In Chinese Aquarium

China maybe most famous for their adorable panda bears, but those aren't the only super cute and cuddly bears in


Amputee African Football Championships

Losing a limb can be traumatic, but the worst thing to do is stop thriving and pursuing your goals. It


Zooey Deschanel And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cover What Are You Doing New Years Eve

The end of 2011 is closer than ever, and to commemorate the new year, actor and actress Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel cover


Red Light Crashes In New Jersey Compilation

Like every company, American Traffic Solutions wants to use YouTube to their advantage. As they are a company that sells red light