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Girl With Dancing Eyebrows

This girl has eyebrows with rhythm and has gone viral after winning the hearts of users on Reddit. She just smiles at


Motivational Fitness Music Video

There's no two ways about it, if you want to be successful and satisfied in life you must put in hard work.


Teenage Drummer Plays Beat With Just His Body

This body percussion video was posted in 2009, but just exploded now with over 100,000 views in just days. Joel,


Conan Surprises His Staffer With Jon Hamm For Secret Santa

Conan O'Brien his known for his crazy antics, and he didn't disappoint in this year's office secret Santa who he was


Security Camera: Woman Hides Case Of Drinks Under Her Skirt

This strange video has become a viral sensation this week, with over 400,000 hits in just the past few days. The video


Airline Package POV

When you fly, you hand over your precious belongings to the ticket agent, and don't think about your luggage until


Super Fast Kid Dominates Arcade Basketball Game

Young people may be moving away from the arcades to their living rooms and bedrooms thanks to hi-def online gaming


Lion Cub Chirps While Trying To Roar

This video was uploaded in the summer, but just became a viral sensation this December with the help from being


Song Made From Twitter Posts Of People Complaining They Didn’t Get iPhone Or Car For Christmas

NSFW - Language Christmas is supposed a time of love, cheer, and family, right? Well, not so much these days.


Grandma Dances To Dubstep

Your grandma may enjoy dancing to old records, but Chucklepley's granny loves the modern electronic music of Dubstep. Here, she dances


Lazy Dog Lies On The Floor Eating Spilled Dog Food

Most dogs go crazy over spilled food; like a kid in the candy store. But this lazy dog doesn't care. He just


Turtle Fails At Eating Tomato

Kevin the turtle may love tomatoes, but he has to work on his depth perception. Try as he may, he