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Tornado Siren Goes Off At Wedding When Pastor Asks Why This Couple Should Not Be Joined Together

It's a tradition for the person officiating a wedding to ask if anyone has cause for this couple to not


Toddler Checks Herself In Store Mirror

Achan2000 caught a little girl checking herself out in a store mirror, and she has since gone viral. Some say she


White Castle Wedding

When you think of romantic, the last place the comes to mind is White Castle. But the restaurant chain has


Mom Pranks White Sox Fan Daughter With Cubs Presents

Some parents are just mean. At least all the parents who tricked their kids with a bad early Christmas presents


Cat Plays Ninja Fruit On iPad

It seems pets playing touch screen video games is all the rage these days. First, there was a  lizard, and


Boy Tells Emotional Note Card Story About His Heart Condition

Note card stories are still the preferred way to tell a story online. Ben Breedlove tells his story about his heart condition,


Why Alcohol Makes Your Head Spin

The Holidays are full of parties, and you can't have a real party without alcohol. While fun and enjoyable in


Rollerman Is Covered In Wheels, Speeds Down Mountain On His Stomach

With so many superheroes in the world, it's hard to be original to think of a new one. But not


Adding Piano Sound Effects Whenever Sports Commentator Don Cherry Taps On His Desk

Don Cherry is a famous Canadian hockey commentator, and like most great speakers, he uses his hands a lot to


Quantum Levitation Floating Disc Demonstration At North Museum Of Natural History & Science

Scientists at Tel Aviv University were the first to go viral with their quantum levitation discovery back in October. The science


Homemade Saxophone Lamp Present

Greesyfizeek says, "I've been joking with my father in law about turning my old Bari sax into a lamp. This showed


Transformer Gingerbread House

Ahh, Christmas maybe over, but now is the time to eat all those yummy and decorative gingerbread houses. But here