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Homeless Man With Golden Voice On CNN

CNN heard about the homeless man with the golden voice viral video. They cover a story about how Ted Williams


Lego Stop Motion Short Film

Lego made a cute stop motion film about a Lego thief and stealing Legos all over the world with magic


Little Girl Knows The Presidents

Little Charlotte learns from her president place mat. Her presidential expertise is outstanding.


Japanese 30 Rock Intro

Ever wonder what your favorite TV shows look like overseas? Here's the intro to Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin's famous


Republicans Asked About Books

At the Republican National Chairman Candidate Debate, the nominees did a great job making a fool of themselves. They were


Biggest Eggroll Ever

Eggrolls are delicious, but who wants one just stuffed with vegetables and a little bit of pork? This giant, monstrous,


Puppies Attack Cat

They don't really attack, more like tackle. Puppies want to play, but the cat isn't that interested.


Father Daughter Cover Home By Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Here's an adorable father daughter duet acoustic cover of Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. Dad plays the guitar


Homeless Man With Perfect Radio Voice Ted Williams

Like the man says, radio is theatre of the mind. Your mind paints a picture of what that perfect voice


Two Girls Climb US Border Fence

The federal government is spending millions of dollars building Fragments of a Southern border fence. Two girls show us how


Abercrombie Fail

I can't tell you what happens without ruining it. Just watch these six seconds and laugh.


8 Bit Tron

Now this is what Tron should look like. Being originally born in the 80's, an 8 bit version of Tron