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Man Skis Down Park Ave New York

The New York City of 2010 was one of the biggest blizzards in the city's history. One man tries to


Playing Tennis On Floating Tennis Court

Famous tennis players, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, wanted to be more god like, so they played a match of


Bear Cub Plays In Bucket Of Water

Baby bear cubs like to go swimming. This little cub tries to take a dip in this tiny bucket of


Manhole Explodes In NYC

Imagine just walking around one night in the Big Apple when OH NO! A manhole burst open and the gates


Penguin Jumps On Sea Lion On Accident

Be careful. A cute penguin jumping from rock to rock jumps on something else on accident. I'll admit, I thought


Pepsi Max Doritos Church Super Bowl Commercial 2011

Doritos and Pepsi Max are so good, they can even make people go to church. Now that must be tasty.


Dead Birds Fall Out Of Sky In Arkansas

Literally thousands of dead black birds fell out of the sky in Arkansas, near Little Rock. The city doesn't know


Crazy ADD Cartoon

Get ready for an intense dose of ADD. This simple cartoon reminds me of Family Guy or Robot Chicken. It's


Happy New Year In 43 Languages

Wishes for a 2011 happy new year in 43 different languages. Here's hoping this year is better than the last.


Pug Puppy Playing With Ball Falls In Hole

The little pug pup has fun pushing a volleyball bigger than himself around. The ball gets stuck in a hole


SCV Starcraft Love Song

Love songs and Starcraft don't usually mix well. Nerd Alert somehow made it work though. The nerd band sings an


Adrian Hillburn Salute Causes Kansas State Loss VS Syracuse

Adrian Hillburn makes a touchdown and for a moment salutes in celebration. The refs call this unsportsmanlike conduct and he