Australian comedy radio show hosts Hamish and Andy had pop superstar Rihanna on their show recently. And boy did they have a big surprise for her. 

The last time she visited them, Hamish and Andy made a mock tune for conversation sake, and even joked, “By the way, if we hear ‘rum popa pum, rum popa pum’ on one of your songs, we’re gonna know where you got it from.”

To which Rihanna answered, “I won’t do that to you.”

And when H&A replayed that past clip, Rihanna quickly covered her her guilty smile, and admitted, “I did it, I broke my promise.” Everyone burst out laughing at the entire situation.

Of course, Rihanna’s hit single Man Down includes that exact tune, ‘rum popa pum, rum popa pum,’ only Rihanna-fied. Just to put things in perspective, the music video for Man Down has over 150 million views just on YouTube.