America’s illegal immigration problem is a politically polarizing issue, but most would agree that stopping everyone at mulitiple check points and checking if every person is a US citizen is the not answer. 

And Tempe, Arizona Pastor  is one of those who would agree. He was stopped multiple times in long lines on the freeway while driving through Arizona, and was plain old fed up with his rights being stomped on.

When he was stopped and asked if he was a US citizen, he simply answered, “That’s my business.” When he was threatened with detainment and asked to pull over for further investigation, he simply said, “No, thanks, I would like to go now.” 

He repeated this tactic twice on camera with two supervisors, both who eventually allowed him through with no ID check, besides for a license plate check. Probably because Steven is correct.

He and no other American is required to show ID if they are not suspected of criminal or suspicious activity. Driving down the highway at safe speeds is obviously not suspicious activity. Yet. 

This man wins the Randy Marsh award for patriotism on the Internet today.