Chick-Fil-A is famous in the fast food world for two main reasons that are strongly related. The first is that they are closed on Sunday, which leads to the second point. They are closed on Sunday because they are a religious company that also openly supports anti-gay legislation.

As a result, the Internet has been in a state of cognitive dissonance. The ‘net loves being open and supportive of the LGBT community, but they also love Chik-Fil-A.

But now there is a solution introduced by YouTube cook . Like many others, she has LGBT friends, and didn’t want to support the fried chicken establishment, so she made this recipe tutorial for a homemade sandwich that very closely resembles the real thing that she ironically dubbed the Chick-Fil-Gay sandwich.

This is her first truly viral video, garnering 45,000 hits in just a day. The video is also featured on TheFW, HuffPost, and BuzzFeed.