Thirty-four year old YouTuber  has a small time restaurant review channel with only 6,400 hundred subscribers. His video reviews are entertaining to say the least, but YouTube is cut throat these days, and most of his posts only get around 5,000 hits.

That is until his latest ‘Five Guys Burgers and Fries Review‘ went viral over the weekend. Now, it has erupted to over 80,000 hits, and is continuing to trend, especially on Reddit

Not everyone can just buy a fast food meal, and review it. You need to have that right personality. And boy does Daym Drops have ‘it.’

When he first starts, he pauses to grab a fry, says “Let me light one of these joints on fire.”

Upon being instantly satisfied, he lets out, “You bite into the fry, and the fry bites back, that’s how you know you’ve had an official french fry.”