You may have been hearing a lot recently how we’ve discovered vast, vast amounts of cheap, clean natural gas that will free us from our energy bondage. Sounds good, right? But one thing the politicians and the big energy companies don’t like to discuss too much is how we actually get the gas. Through fracking. 

But don’t worry about that either. The satire reporters at the –who’s message just happens to be sponsored by imaginary SkyEnergyCo–explain that fracking is just like slurping up a milk shake on a hot sunny day. That chocolately goodness just wants to be in your tummy.

So don’t worry about all that scary fracking stuff, because here’s some pictures of bunnies or ponies. Don’t heed the advice of the farmers and rednecks, who know the land better than most, and know that their well water wasn’t flammable before they started fracking.