On the Web, ‘MySpace’ has become the epitome of a bad and failing social network. Even those who once used what is considered as one of the first mainstream social networks almost try hide the fact. It’s embarrassing. 

For the past five years all the talk has been about Facebook, Twitter, and more recently Google+. But this entire time MySpace has been hiding on the side lines, working, thinking, and contemplating.

MySpace seemed to have lost it’s mission overtime and has been working to figure out what kind of service it was.

But with the help from big names like Justin Timberlake, the ‘loser’ network is fully refreshed and ready to jump back into the big leagues. 

 just published this new video showcasing their entirely new and refreshed user interface. It’s a whole new social network now focused on music and the music world.

So far, response has been positive and with Timberlake at the helm the new site just might be able to squeeze back into the spotlight. 

What do you think?