It’s every boy’s dream to kiss his celebrity crush, especially for that kiss to be his first. Twelve year old Chase is one of those boys. He has a huge Carrie Underwood and was actually in attendance at her Blown Away tour in Louisville, KY.

Finally having the chance to see his crush in the flesh, Chase made a sign that read, “Will you be my first kiss?”

Amazingly, Carrie saw the sign, and invited Chase on stage! With his dream just steps away, Chase wasn’t going to be satisfied with just a peck on the cheek.

When asked, “How are we gonna do this?” Chase immediately and confidently responded, “Lip to lip,” prompting cheers from the audience. Even though her husband was backstage, Carrie agreed to the kiss and made one lucky twelve year old’s year. 

 caught the whole scene on camera and now the video is quickly going viral. The story is even covered on CMT, TasteOfCountry, and NewsOK