Now more than ever, young people are questioning whether or not it’s worth going to college. For decades, college has been pushed on the youth as the end all, be all for success in life.

But is that true? Is college right for everyone? With tuition prices growing exponentially, and less and less high-paying jobs available upon graduation, the question stands stronger than ever. 

Education is great for everyone, that’s not the issue. Perhaps it is modern schooling–where every student is simply a product to be replicated on an assembly line by propagandists–that is the core of the problem… 

Whatever the case, young English rapper-poet Suli Breaks takes on this serious issue in his latest piece, Why I Hate School But Love Education.

The new rap music video is featured on DailyOfDay, TheDailyWhat, and ShockMansion, and already has amassed over 350,000 views