When you had the sniffles, or even just the blues, mom made you chicken soup and you felt better. That’s not always possible now, so here’s some Internet chicken soup to warm your spirits.


#1  A passenger car of Canadians start singing together on the way home from work. 




#2 The Hug Lady. She hugs every US Soldier deploying and returning at Fort Hood.




#3  Alex Gamble is a 4th grade teacher in the inner-city. So randomly finding a classroom of 5th graders singing One Day by Matisyahu truly warmed his soul and gave him hope.




#4 Matt W. has spastic cerebral palsy, but insists on pushing himself in all school gym activities. Contrary to what one might assume, the class didn’t bully or even dismiss Matt at the big race. They cheered him on to the end!




#5 The Internet–well, mostly 4Chan–once sent the best birthday party ever via mail to an lonely elderly man. See, this place isn’t all trolls.




#6 Kitty calms a  crying baby to sleep. That is all.