Steve-O is of course famous as one of the big names from MTV‘s early 2000’s hit TV show Jackass where cast members physically abused themselves for fame and fortune. 

Obviously, Steve has countless crazy stories, and recently told a great one to The Hour.

After one crazy abuse session, Steve-O left with a broken nose than ended up healing off centered. The nose doctor told him he could only fix him nose by breaking it again with a chisel. Ouch. 

A year later at Charlie Sheen‘s Roast, Steve ingeniously agreed to run and jump face first into Mike Tyson‘s fist, terribly breaking his nose.

Out of nowhere, a member of the audience came forward and insisted he must fix Steve’s nose immediately. Steve put his faith in him, and ended up getting a better nose job by Mike Tyson and a random Kung-Fu instructor than any other doctor.

 Over the weekend, the video has already garnered over 200,000 views