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Dubai’s 2014 New Year’s Fireworks Show Is A Win

Dubai may have won New Year's this year. The small Islamic state broke a world record by launching over 400,000 fireworks…

Volcano boarding

Pit Bull

Epic Giant Lego Great Ball Contraption Factory Part 2

Back in 2012, Lego specialist Akiyuky went viral with their impressive Great Ball Contraption Factory. That video now stands with over 9…

Stare Contest

Nature you scary

So i became

Ultimate Best Vines Of 2013 Compilation

As their name implies, Vine Compilations puts together the best short Twitter Vine videos so you don't have to search through the…

The Smelly Science Of Garbage

On average, each American produces about 2 kilograms of trash every single day for a total of 226 tons of…


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