Jorel Hoffert has finally reached the oh-so important age that every Jewish boy looks forward to. He has just turned 13 and he is now a bar mitzvah.

To celebrate, he, with the help of his Jewish dad and Asian mom, made this epic Jorel Rocks his Bar Mitzvah medley music video, parodying popular Queen songs with some bar mitzvah-themed lyrics.

Unlike so many other bar miztvah and/or sweet sixteen themed videos that are more cringe-worthy than watchable, Jorel really rocks out like a star!

As he starts his video singing to the tune of We Will Rock You, he sings, “I’m half a Jew, I learn Hebrew. Still half Asian I’m proud of that too!”

To honor his mom’s Oriental side of the family, he closed his music video with the world famous KPop hit single Gangnam Style.