CRACKED recently published this hilarious in-real-life spoof of the Internet, imagining a big Internet office where the employees are personified versions of famous websites. Already, the week old video has over 350,000 views

A new user entered the office looking to “make big money on the Internet” like so many radio commercials scream. But she quickly finds out there’s not much real work being done on the Internet. Just a bunch of coworkers who waste your time. 

Facebook “literally knows everyone,” and keeps changing her outfit. BuzzFeed won’t stop talking about the 90’s and being nostalgic. And KickStarter won’t shut up about his new project he needs a few bucks for. 

And Google, com’n! You’re good at search, and we love you for it. Stop trying to be everyone else. 

(There may be a slight delay after hitting the play button. It’s just loading.)

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