The smartphone has truly changed the world. But there’s one function that is holding everything back. The keyboard.

It’s based on the huge typewriter from ages ago, so why are we still pretending we can fit it on a tiny screen?

Enter Minuum. Minuum is basically a smart QWERTY keyboard for touch screen smartphones and tablets. All the letters are spread across a banner at the bottom of the screen instead of taking up to nearly a 1/3 of the screen. 

“With Minuum, typing fast is not a problem. When you’re typing, you don’t always hit the letter you aimed for. And there’s nothing wrong with that.”  

Minuum’s smart technology makes auto-correct seem ancient as it dynamically adapts and anticipates what the user is typing no matter how fast they type. 

But it gets better. With the new technology, we may soon be able to throw away the keyboard entirely. Imagine ‘typing’ with your watch or a video game control with lightening speed and accuracy. 

SwiftKey is another interesting reinvention of typing on a smartphone, but not nearly as dramatic.