By now, even the most novice YouTube viewer is familiar with the wide ‘Skip Ad’ banner at the bottom right of the screen when a commercial plays. Nearly every viewer is anxiously waiting for the 5 seconds to countdown to, yes, skip the ad. 

For their online video April Fool’s prank, popular YouTubers, musicians, and commercial makers Rhett and Link pranked the viewers with endless YouTube commercials. 

They published the video under the title Funny Baby Panda, but instead, it was just an endless loop of YouTube style commercials, complete with a faux, prank-ready ‘Skip Ad’ button.

Even when the user clicks the skip button, it only jumps them ahead to the next mock commercial. 

Savvy users, such as Starrfoxkid64, instantly figured out the gag, commenting, “I figured it out in 2 seconds.”

But on the other hand, it seems to have worked with Itsderfalicious, who says, “My grandma saw this video and now she’s booked tickets to South Carolina and is on the waiting list for Silver Manor Estates. She won’t believe me when I tell her they aren’t real ads! Thanks a lot guys… Can’t wait for Operation 0 though!”