Dove is known for their eye-opening media projects, often raising the veil on impossible societal expectations, specifically for women’s bodies. 

For their latest social experiment, entitled Real Beauty Sketches, they recruited a slew of women to be blindly interviewed about their bodies. The questioner was actually a sketch artist drawing his subjects using only the answers the women themselves offered about their curves and blemishes.

When asked neutral questions such as, “What would be your most prominent feature,” nearly all the women would offer a negative answer, such as, “my fat head.”

After, the women were told to befriend another subject in the project. Incredibly, when they were interviewed about their new friend, they could only offer the most positive attributes. 

When the women see the sketch made from their answers, and the much brighter, and nicer sketch made from the answers of their new friend, they naturally become emotional

What does this say about how we view ourselves?