Alice Fredenham is another contestant on this new season of Britain’s Got Talent to go viral, collected over 860,000 hits in less than a week. 

She was more than nervous before her performance singing My Funny Valentine, so nervous in fact, she came to her audition alone so to not embarrass herself in front of any of her peers. 

“I didn’t want to let anyone down,” she later said. 

As she sang, the auditorium was completely silent barring her voice. She couldn’t tell how she was doing. But after she finished, the room erupted in applause as everyone instantly rose to their feet to congratulate Alice on her outstanding job well done. 

Alice couldn’t help but break down in tears

“I absolutely love you, and I love your voice. And I also love the fact that you actually don’t know how good you are. Wow!” said Simon. 

“World class,” added David.