Jimmy Kimmel has proven that people will act as know-it-alls, especially when there is a camera pointed at them. Countless times, Jimmy has sent his camera crew to Hollywood Blvd to ask passersby about fake or nonexistent events.

The last video of his to trend was when the camera crew asked fans at the Coachella music festival about fake bands. Naturally, the hipsters couldn’t control themselves, admitting to loving the groups that don’t exist.

That prank video from just this week has garnered over 9.5 million views

Now, FootBall Nation is taking a page out of Kimmel’s strategy book. Host Bill Enright took to Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan to ask die hard football fans about athletes that don’t exist. 

Viewers can’t help but laugh at the fools who only seem to dig themselves deeper in the lie hole. Already, the two day old video has collected over a quarter million hits