Is it possible there are online viewer who haven’t seen Sophia Grace and Rosie pop up in their Facebook or Twitter feeds at least a couple times? The literal pop princesses from Britain got their start way back in October of 2011 performing an a cappella cover of Nicki Minaj‘s hit single Superbass

Incredibly, that original cover video has garnered over 41 million hits

Fans can finally relax as the dynamic duo are back, again going viral after appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

In their latest performance, Sophia and her silent partner Rosie rap an adorable princess parody cover of one of the hottest songs in pop today, Thrift Shop.

Thank goodness she only heard the clean version. She said, “This is pretty awesome,” by the way. 

Now, the new video has quickly amassed over a quarter million views, and continues to trend strong online.