iProjectAtlas starts off this powerful video, titled Dear Mother, with a short story.

He hadn’t been home or in communication with his family in over two years, and arrived at the door with all his things. When his mom opened the door, all she asked was what he wanted for dinner.

“Unconditional love,” is how he sums up his mom. “If you ask me who my mother is? She’s definitely strongest person I know.”

As she has aged, keeping up with her bills has become more difficult, especially the mortgage. As a way to thank his mom for all she has done for him, he went to the bank and paid off her mortgage in full.

Like any good dramatic mom, she could only reply with, “Wow, wow, wow! Tonight I will not sleep for fear of dying of happiness!” after receiving the good news. 

Now, the touching video has gone viral, amassing over half a million views in just two days