This video was published in September but has only gone viralviral now. The web is peppered with police encounter videos, most of which are focused on the cops wrongful actions.

But few of those videos were taken by a daring kid. But then again Jeremy isn’t your average kid. Jeremy was at the local 7-11 when he noticed a cop park his motorbike on the sidewalk, which is illegal unless there is an emergency. 

And ‘dying of thirst,’ as the officer purchased a Big Gulp, doesn’t qualify as cause for illegal parking.

So Jeremy stood up to the cop, asking him, “Is there a reason for you to park on the sidewalk, is there an emergency or something?”

When the cop says there is no emergency, Jeremy asks for his badge number.

“Why, are you a junior lawyer or something?” rebuttals the cop.  

When Jeremy wouldn’t quit, the cop then starts interrogating him, asking for ID, and asking if he was loitering.

Finally, Jeremy knew it was time to call it quits, and walks away, surprisingly still a free man.