There’s no question that plastic bottles are a huge environmental issue. But many people don’t realize just how serious the situation is.

In Australia, for example, birds are starving to death. Not because there isn’t plenty of fresh food for them, but rather because of the plastic bottles that have littered the coastline and peppered the beaches.

The birds often confuse the bits of plastic with real food, and after a while, they literally starve to death with a belly fun of plastic.

Environmental group Greenpeace Australia wants to curb this serious matter by enacting a 10 cent recycling refund scheme found in countless other Western countries.

They claim the program has been proven to stimulate recycling, as a similar program in South Australia has been in effect for 30 years, “saving tens of millions of plastic containers from ending up in our beaches and oceans.”

But soft drink behemoth Coca-Cola has just won a court case stopping the recycling scheme from becoming law.

As their way to stand up to the man, Greenpeace Australia has made this Stop Coca-Cola From Trashing Australia advert to spread the word.

Already, the video has collected over 800,000 views in just a week.