Abercrombie & Fitch has been battered with negative press ever since the CEO of the fashion clothing brand publicly announced that he only wanted ‘the cool kids’ to wear his clothing. That’s why he only hires attractive people and doesn’t make plus sizes of his clothes.

(Apparently no other clothing company hires attractive people…)

The web exploded in anger to this revelation.

As a way to stick it to the man, Gkarber set out to change the brand. He bought out all the A&F clothing he could find at the thrift shop, and headed to Skid Row in Los Angeles, one of America’s largest populations of homeless people, where he handed out the high fashion clothes to the needy.

Now, in just two days, the video has garnered over 1.9 million views, and a grueling debate over the content creator’s tactics.

Many feel involving the homeless was taking advantage of them. BeauxSelector asks, “Er…but what if the homeless don’t want to be ‘Fitched’?! I’m sure people living on the street might welcome new or warmer clothing, but to use them as pawns for this sort of agenda seems a bit misguided to be honest.”

The story is further covered on Time, Mashable, and NYDailyNews.