Last summer, the web went crazy after  created a hilarious video of himself having a conversation with his younger self made possible from old VHS videos he created as a kid. That video quickly exploded online, and now stands with over 10 million views.

Now, Tyler Marcum has made a name for himself online in a similar fashion of mixing the present with video from the past.

When he was 20 and in college, he had a boring afternoon with time to kill, so he performed an interpretive dance in his underwear to the Dixie Chicks’ hit single Landslide.

He just turned 30, so as a life stepping stone, he’s decided to revisit his past and recreate his ridiculous dance video from college. He put the two videos side by side, and now the video is going viral.

Already, the new clip has appeared on BuzzFeed, DailyDotDailyOfTheDay, and HyperVocal.