The relationship between India and Pakistan has been tense for decades. As a part of their global happiness campaign, Coca Cola set out to change the status quo.

In malls in both India and Pakistan, Coke set up two special interactive vending machines with a camera and screen user interface similar to Apple‘s FaceTime.

The machine’s prompted shoppers in New Dheli to ‘make a friend in Pakistan’ while mall goers in Lahore were asked to meet someone from India. 

Standing face to face, the strangers had to complete an interactive task–and inadvertently make a new friend–to get a free coke. 

They call the special pop machines “Small World Machines,” as they bring a forum for people to meet and shrink the world. 

“We are going to make smaller steps to resolve bigger issues.”

The new commercial has already garnered over 900,000 hits, and is further featured on HuffPost, WashingtonPost, and PCAuthority