Scott Belkner’s parents realized something was wrong when his mom tried to teach him to swim as a baby, but he simply couldn’t perform the physical motions. 

The doctors would later diagnose him with cerebral palsy. Though he cannot speak, and has difficulty controlling many parts of his body, Scott never let anything stand in the way of his dreams.

The fact that all his life people reinforced the idea that he couldn’t do things for himself only motivated him further. 

Now, as a thirty year old he is an avid body builder, hitting the gym more often, and pump more iron, than most fully-abled people. 

Eli G published this short film about Scott, titled Scott’s Story, It Just Take Me Little Longer, that has amassed over 455,000 views over the past ten days. 

After going viral, Scott participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything which also went viral in its own right.