Many YouTubers have noticed it, both the content creators and the viewers. YouTube has been changed and updated so many times in the past few years, it’s hard to keep track. And it hasn’t been for the better. 

Besides for moving things around unnecessarily, users are most upset at the cut to their viewers and fan base. It seems countless medium sized YouTubers have lost 20%-40% of their viewership as YouTube has changed how users manage their subscriptions. 

Bryarly Bishop is one of these medium famous YouTubers who have felt the pinch. But worse, she has noticed a much more sinister trend on YouTube, which she explains in this Open Letter To YouTube

The largest video sharing site on the planet is giving more and more of their attention and focus to their 200 biggest channels, most of which are large corporations, leaving the little guy in the dust. Ironically, it was the little guy who made YouTube world famous. 

Worse, YouTube is making it so content creators must rely heavily on expensive YouTube advertising to reach viewers, something small and medium content creators simply can’t afford. 

Yes, it seems the golden age of YouTube did end years ago…