Now that the stock and housing markets have recovered since the crash in 2008, young people are finally finding jobs again. Well, not really, but that’s what we’re told, right? 

True or not, one can’t deny there is a new worker in the workforce. The millennial.

And Official Comedy couldn’t help but mock the new attitudes the younger generation is bringing to the office space in this new Millennials In The Workplace Training Video.

The training video cover topics an ‘old fashion’ manager might not be familiar with, such as their new employees strolling in 40 minutes late with an iced coffee, or using Google for market research instead of the data corporate bought for tens of thousands of dollars. 

But wait? Why even bother hiring a millennial at all? Well, as they explain, at this point they comprise over 15% of the workforce, and if they don’t get off their butts soon, our economy will crash, and China will take over.



Update: And now the response, Millennials Guide To Baby Boomers, which is actually a much better argument.