Canadian Kenny Mclean and his buddies were enjoying a backyard get together over the weekend when somebody had the ingenious idea to attempt to jump the Jeep over the above ground pool.

They created ramps on both sides and three riders attempted the jump. 

But it immediately becomes apparent that the ramp was too low and the Jeep was traveling at too slow a speed as the Jeep literally just drove over the pool wall and landed in the pool itself

By the reactions of the onlookers it doesn’t seem like they really expected them to make the jump as everyone instantly burst out into hysterical laughter.

Incredibly, “it didn’t even break the sides,” noted one witness as they realized the car was now stuck in the waters.

A power saw solved that problem quickly as they simply cut the wall of the pool

Kenny recently commented that, “JUST TO LET EVERYONE KNOW, THE JEEP STILL RUNS FINE !!!!”