Since the first ever telemarketer phone call, comedians and pranksters have been giving them a taste of their own medicine at every opportunity. 

And for good reason. They always seem to call during dinner and make it seem like they are doing you the favor. 

Well, a terribly unlucky telemarketer called popular YouTube prankster Jack Vale, and he absolutely let them have it.

Every time the telemarketer attempts to sell Jack, or Roseland as he said his name was, anything, he quickly interrupts them with questions concerning the purpose of the phone call. 

As the telemarketer tries over and over to tell him the purpose of their call, quickly becoming more impatient, he insistently interrupts them asking what their business is until they literally go crazy. 

The secret is that telemarketers often get in trouble for hanging up on a potential customer. Knowing this, Jack tortures his victims to no end. 

“You keep interrupting me. You are not hanging up. That’s what pisses me off.” screams the angry telemarketer after being played with for seventeen minutes too long.