Registered nurse Adam BC posted this video of his baby girl swimming last year, but it has only gone viral now over the weekend, garnering over 750,000 hits.

Adam and his lifeguard wife are true hydro-fanatics, and wanted their baby daughter to become accustomed to the water as soon as she was physically able to swim, so they set her up with an instructor from ISRWaterKids at a very young age. 

In this adorably tense video, Elizabeth swims across the family pool all by herself. With proper professional supervision of course. She swims using a head underwater technique as that is the best form for a baby. 

Adam explains that he and his wife are beyond certified to care for a swimming baby, and warns, “Please! Do not just throw your child in the water and expect them to swim. That is both dangerous and a quick way to traumatize your child and scare them from ever swimming.”